CO-SECUR project kicks off to strengthen urban security through social innovation and citizen engagement

On 17 and 18 January, the CO-SECUR (Knowledge building and social innovation for a successful, more effective and CO-produce urban SECURity solutions) consortium organised a kick-off meeting in Valencia, Spain to officially launch the EU-funded project.

Over three years, the Horizon Europe project aims to create knowledge and tools, including a Societal Development Plan (SDP) to promote the adoption of social innovations and responsible principles for urban security solutions. By doing so, CO-SECUR aims to enhance trust, acceptance, and overall security measures.

The project will culminate in a Security Perception Conference where a Memorandum of Understanding will be introduced. This document will be open for signing by any city or region committed to promoting social innovation and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in public space security solutions.

Security: a top concern in Europe

In recent years, security has emerged as a top concern for EU citizens, especially the challenge of security perception in urban spaces. This perception has a crucial role, as the perceived lack of physical security can impact subjective well-being more than the tangible effects of an actual threat. Citizen participation is key to enhancing security in urban spaces, however achieving meaningful engagement remains challenging in practice.

Strengthening security through social innovation and citizen engagement

To address this challenge, CO-SECUR is committed to elevating citizens’ security perception by actively engaging them in developing secure solutions. This involves providing tools and training to enhance their understanding of security. At its core, CO-SECUR aims to build knowledge and develop a set of tools, including a Societal Development Plan (SDP) to accelerate the adoption of social innovations and responsible innovation principles. Focused on public spaces, especially large events, CO-SECUR aims to build trust, improve security measures, and shape perceptions and behaviours. Through the implementation of the SDP and associated tools, the project seeks to redefine security paradigms, aligning with community needs and co-producing urban security solutions.

Adopting responsible principles for EU-wide impact

 CO-SECUR’s integration of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles underscores its commitment to ethical considerations, gender equality, and multi-stakeholder engagement. Through innovative multidisciplinary strategies, CO-SECUR will engage with experts from diverse fields, citizens, businesses, and policymakers to understand and tackle security challenges. Embracing Horizon Europe’s open access policy, CO-SECUR commits to transparent practices, making all scientific outputs accessible. The project places societal impact at its core, involving a Quintuple Helix approach to ensure EU-wide participation and foster acceptance of cutting-edge security solutions.

Uniting 10 multidisciplinary partners across 9 EU countries

 The CO-SECUR consortium, led by Kveloce, brings together 10 multidisciplinary partners with expertise in participatory research, public engagement, and mixed methods. The selection of partners from 9 European countries – Spain, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Greece, and Lithuania reflects the project’s goal to address the complex diversity of laws, security measures, politics, and socio-historical realities of different European regions. This strategic geographic and cultural diversity ensures a representative sample, enriching the analysis of each context and contributing to the effectiveness and relevance of CO-SECUR’s outcomes.


The CO-SECUR project will lay on Alan W. Watts’ observation that “the desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing.” This three-year project is a call to redefine security, not just as a physical necessity but as a shared perception rooted in citizen engagement and responsible innovation. Join CO-SECUR in its journey to redefine security, empower citizens, and shape a safer future for Europe. Follow the project on LinkedIn.

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